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How Oxidation Works to Get Rid of Weed Smell

Posted on 10 February 2022
How Oxidation Works to Get Rid of Weed Smell

Oxidation, the process that allows Cannabusters to eliminate weed odor, doesn’t necessarily require oxygen. Though the word evokes a breath of fresh air, oxidation is actually the phenomenon responsible for rust – and for Cannabusters’ patented solution to help get rid of weed smell. Today we’re discussing the hard science behind removing cannabis odor from the air.

How Does Oxidation Work? 

Oxidation is the process whereby a molecule loses an electron through a chemical interaction with another substance. When certain gaseous molecules – in this case, odorants, or smell molecules – come into contact with the chemical substance meant to eliminate them, the process of oxidation removes an electron, effectively destroying the smell. Sounds complicated? Let’s back it up a bit.

Molecules Who?

Think back to grade school…If your basic science is a little rusty, we don’t blame you. Molecules are a basic component of most life on earth, as well as many non-living components of our world, and they are composed of two or more atoms bound together (you’ve probably heard the aphorism “atoms are the building blocks of all matter”). Atoms are held together by chemical bonds, which can essentially be defined as the fundamental attraction between atoms that allow them to compose larger molecular units. 

Smell Particles Meet Their Maker

Starting to ring a bell? You may also remember that the three states of matter are solids, liquids, and gas. Each of these states is due to the movement, or vibration of molecules; the strength of the vibrations has a direct impact on the chemical bond of the atoms. The measure of the movement of molecules is called kinetic energy. Higher levels of vibrations result in more distance between the atoms, or less attractive force. The molecules composing solids have the lowest level of movement and the most attractive force, whereas gaseous molecules have the highest level of movement and the lowest attractive force, which is partly what allows the oxidation process to get rid of weed smell.

Get Rid of Weed Smell With Oxidation

These gaseous molecules can be released into the air by solids (such as cannabis plants) and are then dispersed. This is where Cannabusters comes in. Cannabusters uses oxidation science to remove cannabis odor from the air around gro-ops, greenhouses, and drying facilities. With no adverse impacts on the environment, on plants or on human health, Cannabusters is a turn-key solution to cannabis odor with positive effects on businesses and communities.

Contact us to find out how Cannabusters can help your business get rid of weed smell and have  a positive impact today!

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