Applications of Cannabusters

How it Works

Cannabusters' patented formulation is atomized into exhaust air streams. All Odor molecules that come into contact with Cannabusters are eliminated by oxidation. 

Great news, Cannabusters does not add VOCs like other systems such as Vapor Phase, Enzyme or Fragrances based products. Cannabusters eliminates Cannabis Odor Molecules. Independent verification proves it!



Whether positive or negative pressure, exhaust fan roof/ridge/side vents or both, Cannabusters' delivery systems eliminate odor on contact.

Extraction / Drying Facilities

Odor is eliminated at exhaust points.

Distribution or Warehousing

Wherever cannabis odor issues are, Cannabusters eliminates them.

Outdoor Crops

Cannabis or hemp outdoor fields.

Is Cannabusters safe?

100% yes. Multiple health and safety studies from independent sources attest to Cannabusters' safety. All are available on request. Safe for people, plants and the planet.

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