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Do Different Types of Cannabis Have Different Smells?

Posted on 8 November 2021
Do Different Types of Cannabis Have Different Smells?

Different Types of Cannabis, Different Cannabis Odor...

If you’re new to the cannabis industry, you’re probably familiar with the concept of cannabis strains. Like the grape varieties that produce famous wines across the world, cannabis strains are well-known to connoisseurs for their unique smells.

However, when it comes to growing cannabis, are there varieties that produce less of the beloved and reviled weed odor when flowering? Is there even such a thing as a low-odor strain of cannabis? Join us as we explore what exactly different varieties of weed and their smells mean for growers. 

What Are Cannabis Strains?

Scientists aren’t in total agreement on indica and sativa. While some believe that these names designate the two main species of cannabis, others claim that they are subspecies of the same plant. Regardless, indica and sativa are the source from which all weed strains derive. While many people classify cannabis into these two categories based on their effects, the truth is that it’s rarely black and white, and most varieties of weed are somewhere in the middle due to cross-breeding. We’ll come back to indica and sativa shortly. 

Lots of Names for Cannabis Strains

The first thing to jump into people’s minds when they think of different cannabis strains might be their dreamy names: Skywalker, Purple Haze, Blue Dream and Gelato are likely familiar even to non-smokers. These names give their respective strains a unique personality even before their smells reach the nostrils of a connoisseur.

Do Different Strains of Cannabis Have Different Smells?

Indica and sativa are known for their different effects, however, effects can actually vary from strain to strain--and so can smell. People unfamiliar with the subtleties of cannabis often lump all the possible notes together under one adjective: skunky. However, beneath that musky odor, most strains of cannabis do, in fact, smell different from each other. Their smells come from terpenes, which we explored in a previous blog post.

Here’s the condensed version: terpenes are compounds which exist in most odoriferous plants--think basil, rosemary, and lavender. Of the different kinds of terpenes, one is called myrcene, which is also present in thyme and other herbs.

The same type of myrcene can exist across different plants. They are responsible for the smells of pine trees and citrus fruits, among others, and the same notes can be found in certain varieties of weed. The names of these myrcenes sound almost as charming as those of cannabis varieties, including linalool and limonen.

For many consumers, the smell of cannabis is an indicator of its quality, potency and effects. This doesn’t mean that terpenes themselves are psychoactive: THC and CBD are the compounds in weed responsible for these effects. However, you can think of a strain’s smell as a calling card for its effects, a way of identifying its other qualities. 

Low-Smell Varieties of Weed?

Just like there are different smells of weed and different potencies, there are also different degrees of odor. Flowering cannabis plants can have an extremely strong smell, so if this is a concern for you, it might be worth considering low-smelling varieties such as Northern Lights, Blue Mystic, Polar Express or White Gorilla Haze. Due to the particular makeup of their terpenes, these plants are among several varieties recommended for growers seeking a discreet, low-odor cannabis to grow.

But What If You Don’t Want to Grow Those Varieties of Weed?

It’s good to know your options, and it’s an excellent idea to become intimately familiar with different cannabis strains, their smells, and their effects if you’re going to grow them. But what if none of the low-smell varieties speak to you? If you don’t want to be confined to certain strains by the fear of a strong odor, it’s time to consider a cannabis odor control solution.

Among all the odor control solutions available, Cannabusters is safe for plants, terpenes, humans, and the planet. Through a process of oxidation, Cannabusters’ patented solution scrubs the air of terpenes as it escapes your greenhouse. It can even be installed at the borders of a field or garden.

An effective, all-in-one solution, Cannabusters is more effective than carbon filters and frees you up to choose whichever weed varieties you please. Grow where and how you want without worrying about complaints from neighbors or neighboring properties. 

Contact us to find out more about how Cannabusters can eliminate even the skunkiest funk.

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