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4 Cannabis Odor Control Strategies

Posted on 15 August 2021
4 Cannabis Odor Control Strategies

One of the most distinctive characteristics of cannabis is its earthy and musky odor. These aromas are strongest during the flowering stage, which poses a challenge for growers. Regulations require growers to develop a cannabis odor control plan  to limit the release of cannabis smells, which may disturb and harm nearby communities. Commercial growers have to depend on mechanisms for odor control for cannabis to address these issues.

Cannabis plants produce terpenes, a compound that creates that unique woody and grassy fragrance. This smell is loved by cannabis smokers, but it can also draw unwanted attention. To keep these odors from escaping, here are a few recommended solutions:

Cannabis Odor Control Using Carbon Filter and Extractor Fan

The use of activated carbon and charcoal filters have long been known for its effective odor elimination. It works by trapping the odor molecules on the carbon layer as the air passes through. An extractor fan is necessary to funnel the air towards the carbon filter so it can get scrubbed before being vented outside. The VOCs that give the plant its distinct aroma are trapped within the pores of the activated carbon and are then adsorbed.

However, these filters can get saturated easily so frequent replacement is needed to maintain their functionality. This is a challenge for cannabis greenhouse odor control involving large areas.

Eliminate Weed Smell with Air Purifiers

These machines suck in air and force them through a series of filters before being vented back out. Air purifiers are primarily used as an effective way of filtering out small particles like dust and other airborne pollutants that is also useful for maintaining good airflow and providing clean air inside the grow room.

While some air purifiers do remove some pungent smells, they are not strong enough to take out the odors and are only marginally effective. By themselves, purifiers aren't the ideal solution. It is best to utilize air purifiers as part of a larger odor control system rather than as a solitary solution.

Neutralizing Odors Through Masking

This method relies on using another fragrance to "mask" the odor of the cannabis plant. These masking agents are often used outside greenhouse facilities so it wouldn't affect the taste and smell of the cannabis inside.

The products bind with strong cannabis aromas so that the smell is effectively "neutralized". Masking the odors, however, is only a temporary solution. Eventually, the odors will return so repeated applications will be needed.

Employing Oxidation to Remove Cannabis Aromas

This process uses an oxidizing agent that breaks the terpene apart eliminating odors upon contact. Oxidation works by changing the structure of the molecule by altering its electron chemistry.

Cannabusters has developed a patented formulation for its oxidizing agent. This is usually atomized into exhaust air streams eliminating odor molecules through oxidation. The product is a result of years of research and application by a team of innovators and scientists. Cannabusters does not add VOCs like other systems such as Vapor Phase, Enzyme or Fragrances based products.

If you are looking for answers on how to get rid of weed smell in your grow room, Cannabusters offers turn-key odor solutions from concept through implementation. Contact us to get a quote.

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