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Cannabis Smell and Community Part 1: Oxidation

Posted on 8 December 2021
Cannabis Smell and Community Part 1: Oxidation

The concept of preventive action means taking steps to avoid negative consequences before a problem develops. Today, we’re diving into preventive action for those who grow or process cannabis. Here’s why oxidation for cannabis smell is a good preventive solution, how it works, and why it’s important to be proactive. 

Why Choose Oxidation?

A number of methods are commonly used to reduce the smell of cannabis. From carbon filters to air purifiers and even odor masking, there are nearly as many solutions to the issue as there are people who worry about it. 

However, oxidation is one of the only cannabis odor control strategies that doesn’t just capture or neutralize the odor, but destroys it entirely. Cannabusters’ oxidation formula doesn’t require setup inside greenhouses, as carbon filters and fans do, nor does it require the addition of another layer of smell as a neutralizer.

The fact that the entire process takes place outside of the greenhouse also means that it poses no danger to the terpenes on your plants--after all, one of the most important elements to bear in mind when undertaking odor reduction is that the cure cannot be worse than the problem. It’s hardly worth purifying the air emanating from your factory if the quality of your harvest is compromised.

Oxidation is a safe, environmentally friendly and cannabis-friendly way of eliminating cannabis odor from the air.

How Does Oxidation Work?

When you think of oxidation, you may immediately think about rust. While metal rusting is the prevailing understanding of the process, it’s only part of its scope. A more complete definition of oxidation is this: it is a process that removes an electron from an ion or an atom, sometimes with the help of oxygen molecules and sometimes without. 

When it comes to odor, oxidation works by effectively destroying the particles responsible for certain smells, which in turn destroys the odor itself. This makes it a particularly efficient way of dealing with weed smell, and by the same token, weed smell’s effect on communities.

Why Worry About Cannabis Smell?

Cannabis smell can affect communities and the relationship between grow-ops and their neighbors, as evinced in this 2018 New York Times article about the conditions of communities affected by legal cannabis grow-ops in California. In this article, neighbors complain about everything from smells emanating from greenhouses to their effects, including headaches and the disruption of everyday life. 

With cannabis odor regulation largely left up to the factories discussed, the cases explored in this article reveal the importance of getting ahead of the issue. In one example, a factory invests hundreds of thousands of dollars into two failed systems before experimenting with a masking technique involving neutralizing cannabis odor on the perimeter of their business. By the time they find an effective solution, the smell has already had a negative effect on the communities surrounding them.

Getting Ahead of Weed Smell

Removing the smell of cannabis is about more than just breaking apart molecules, and it’s about more than just freshening the air. It’s about the wellbeing of your community and by extension, the wellbeing of your business. It’s essential to not simply wait for cannabis odor to become an issue. As with most problems, the most efficient way to tackle it is to get out in front of it with preventive action. 

Cannabusters’ patented odor-destroying formula relies on a form of oxidation to eliminate cannabis smells from the air around grow-ops and greenhouses. Contact us to learn more about how proactively tackling the issue of cannabis smell can help your business thrive both financially and as part of your community.

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