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Why warm weather increases cannabis smell

Posted on 20 June 2022
Why warm weather increases cannabis smell

Humidity and cannabis are a recipe for odor complaints. Not only does humidity trap and maintain cannabis odors in the air, but it enables cannabis odors to linger for a longer amount of time. With Cannabusters you can steer clear of smell complaints and protect your reputation. But what is the science behind heat and its effect on cannabis smells? Cannabusters dug a bit deeper: 

Cannabis Odor-Causing Molecules and Summer: 

Cannabis plants release numerous molecules that cause odor throughout their growth stage, ranging from floral, pungent and skunky scents. Solid and liquid odor-causing molecules, require energy to transition from their current state into a gas. Increases in temperature during the summer, provide these odor-causing molecules with an influx of energy which results in solids and liquids turning into gases which leads to vapor smells within the air. Basically, the stages that odors go through in order to become airborne are intensified by warm weather. Cannabusters – the Odor Stopper oxidizes or dismantles every organic odor upon contact, molecule by molecule. 

Hemp Only Smells During the Summer: 

Summer is the growing season for hemp plants. Due to this, odors that result from operating a hemp production facility are only released during the summer months. The number of terpenes, combined with the essential oils within a hemp plant, cause hemp facilities to have an extremely powerful and distinct smell that is airborne. 

Our Nasal Receptors During the Summer:

Our odor receptors are the most prominent during the summer making us more sensitive and cognisant of odors within the air. Due to this, you are more likely to receive cannabis smell complaints during the summer as opposed to the winter because cold air reduces our nasal receptors and thus our ability to detect scent. In fact, it is said that the nose is at optimal operation in warm and humid environments. 

Odor complaints are not professional - odor elimination is.  

We bring game-changing odor elimination technology, proven across multiple odor markets, to the world of cannabis odor control. Cannabusters effectively crush odor by following nature's lead.  That clean air smell after it rains? We do the same thing wherever nuisance odor is present, with the same result!  Clean air! Since Cannabusters is odorless it truly is clean air. Contact us today  to learn more about  Cannabusters  and our products.
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