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Terpenes and Cannabis Plant Odors

Posted on 23 December 2022
Terpenes and Cannabis Plant Odors

Terpenes and Cannabis Plant Odors

For avid coffee drinkers, the smell of rich and dark roasted coffee is distinctly different from that of instant coffee. When it comes to cannabis plants, some plants can produce stronger and more pungent odors while others smell quite weak. The strength of the aromatic fragrance that a cannabis plant produces depends on its terpene profile. Found throughout nature, hundreds of terpenes exist in the form of unique and complex profiles. Cannabis plants that contain a high amount of terpenes have a very strong smell. So which cannabis terpenes produce the strongest aromas? Here are some of the most fragrant terpene profiles to look out for within cannabis production facilities.

Myrcene Terpenes 

Known for its anti-inflammatory properties on the cells that slow down the process of cell damage and disease production, Myrcene terpenes can be found in Indica cannabis plants. Strains that contain myrcene terpenes produce an aroma that smells like cloves, and grapes with earthy and musky notes. 

Limonene Terpenes

Limonene Terpenes are one of the most commonly abundant terpenes in cannabis strains. Limonene Terpenes are organic compounds found within Cannabis strains that produce a bright and uplifting mood. Cannabis strains that contain Limonene Terpenes, typically have the word “lemon” in their name and produce a zesty, fruity and citrus-like aroma which is produced in the plant's resin glands.  

Beta- Pinene Terpenes

If you are curious about the scent of, Beta-Pinene Terpenes, simply go for a walk in your local park. Beta- Pinene Terpenes are one of the most common terpenes found in plants all over the world and are released regularly by all types of trees, including forest, pine, cedar and conifer trees. Other plants that release Beta- Pinene Terpenes include cannabis, dill, eucalyptus, rosemary and basil plants. When consumed in the form of cannabis, Beta-Pinene Terpenes are used for the treatment of memory retention, function, attention and the treatment of anxiety. Cannabis plants that contain Beta-Pinene Terpenes produce a pine and woodsy smell. 

Protect Terpenes While Removing The Smell of Cannabis

Developed in the trichomes of a cannabis plant, terpene profiles are complicated odors that are mainly released from the buds of a cannabis plant. Typically, cannabis plants that have the most beneficial medical benefits, produce the most pungent terpene compounds and as a result, odors. Due to their medical benefits, terpenes should be protected at all costs. Luckily, Cannabusters efficiently remove the smell of cannabis while protecting terpenes. For more information on Cannabusters, contact us today.
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