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Odor Control & Odor Control Technology

Posted on 29 June 2023
Odor Control & Odor Control Technology

In our Cars, Closets, refrigerators and washrooms, odor elimination is used on a daily basis. When it comes to the convenience of air fresheners we can look to hanging lemons and oranges in our car to see how they have become popularized in society. The next time that you’re in the grocery store and wandering down the home cleaning aisle or air freshener section- and wonder- where did the invention of these technologies stem from? You can look no further than this article. Here, the Cannabusters team uncovers the history and main functions of odor elimination.

What Is The Use Of Odor Control?

What is Odor Control? Odor control technologies physically, chemically or biologically suppress unpleasant odors from treatment plants. Odor control may be required where wastewater treatment plants release sulphur compounds, ammonia and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). 

What Is The Best Type Of Odor Control For A Grow Room?

What is the best odor control system for a grow room?  To fight strong odors within your grow room, many turn to the use of a Carbon filter and inline fan. As part of your grow room ventilation system, a Carbon filter works together with an inline fan in conjunction with ducting to tackle odours immediately and expel them from your grow room facility or tent. 

The Four Categories Of Odor Control

There are many odor control systems and practices throughout the Cannabis production industry. The wide variety of odour control practices throughout the Cannabis industry can be classified into one of four main odour control categories. The four odour control categories within the Cannabis production industry include Chemical Absorption, Biological Oxidation, Chemical Scrubbing and Combined Technologies 

About Cannabusters

Odor complaints are not professional - odor elimination is. Cannabusters is committed to improving the Cannabis Industry's image by effectively dealing with odor.

We bring game-changing odor elimination technology, proven across multiple odor markets, to the world of cannabis odor control.  Cannabusters effectively crush odor by following nature's lead. For more information about Cannabusters and our odor control technology, contact us today.
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