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Get Rid of Weed Odor Before It’s A Problem

Posted on 9 March 2022
Get Rid of Weed Odor Before It’s A Problem

According to the Internet, Albert Einstein once said “Intellectuals solve problems. Geniuses prevent them”. Neat and memeable as this quote is, however, it has a big problem: there’s no evidence that Einstein ever said it. Real or not, the quote does reveal a truth in the cannabis industry. Here’s how to get rid of weed odor–before it becomes a problem.

Cannabis Odor: A Tricky History

In the midst of the gold-rush of cannabis legalization, many in the hemp industry have faced significant image challenges. While investors and cannabis aficionados have welcomed the boom in grow-ops and cannabis retailers, many communities have struggled with the presence of cannabis growing in their communities due to the pungent smell emitted by weed manufacturing. 

For various reasons intricately tied to the history of cannabis in North America, the problems of cannabis smell carry a stigma; as Graham Farrar states, “Cannabis is treated differently from other [odorous] agriculture (think garlic farms)”. Cannabis industry challenges abound, but how to get rid of weed odor should be top on the list of industrial growers’ priorities.

Einstein Says No Quick Fixes

This brings us back to our dubious Einstein quote. Finding a way to get rid of weed odor once it’s become an issue doesn’t just involve a couple of fans or some carbon filters; it becomes a complex mix of public relations, renovations and, yes, money. There are no band-aid fixes to the problem of odor emitted from a growing facility, and it’s not a short-term problem; from growing to harvesting to drying and transportation, weed’s most distinctive quality never rests. Luckily, by planning ahead, it’s possible to get rid of weed odor before it’s an issue and prevent problems from arising for your business.

Get Rid Of Weed Odor Once And For All

Using effective filtering and making sure that your facility is airtight and free of leaks is one of the first ways to prevent cannabis’ pungency from giving your business a bad name. Beyond that, it’s important to invest in an effective solution to eliminate any odor that does escape. Masking can simply compound the problem. Luckily, Cannabusters is a business dedicated to helping mitigate the cannabis industry’s challenges and image problems thanks to our turnkey odor solution. 

By harnessing the power of oxidation and effectively eliminating odor at the borders of your facility, Cannabusters helps to actually destroy the airborne smell molecules emitted by your plants, and gets rid of nuisance odors. Safe for plants, animals, humans, and the earth, Cannabusters is your ally in operations and PR. 

Contact us today to find out how Cannabusters can help you put Einstein’s unattributed words into action today and help your business thrive.
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