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Forms of Cannabis Consumption and Smell

Posted on 8 July 2024
Forms of Cannabis Consumption and Smell

Does Each Form Of Cannabis Consumption Produce A Smell?

The use of cannabis dates back to 2800 BC as Chinese medicine. In the ’70s, Cannabis was referred to as a “jazz cigarette” and “loco weed”. Today, Cannabis is used both medicinally and socially and is identified by how it is being consumed. 

So what are the methods of cannabis consumption and what smell can you expect from each method? As the number 1 Cannabis odor eliminator, The Cannabusters team is here to explain each type of cannabis consumption and if you can expect a smell.

Smoking Cannabis

Popularized by the use of rolling papers and the ease of assembling a joint, smoking remains one of the most traditional and widely used forms of cannabis consumption. Other methods of smoking cannabis include pipes and blunts to rapidly consume cannabinoids and terpenes. The aroma of cannabis when consumed via smoking can vary depending on the cannabis strain and is classified by a distinct, earthy and herbal smell.

Vaping Cannabis

Vaping has become a common form of cannabis consumption. Many turn to vaping cannabis for its ease of use and accessibility. Through the use of combustion and heat, Vaporizers heat cannabis plants to the point of combustion leaving a smoother consumption process of smoke. The smell that vaporizers produce is still distinctly cannabis and herbal, however, it contains a cleaner aroma profile and is often accompanied by fruity or woody scents.

Topical Cannabis

When experiencing muscle-related or physical pains and strains, many turn to topical cannabis as a remedy. Formulated into balms, lotions and oil, topical cannabis treatments significantly reduce inflammation in the area that they are applied. Topical cannabis treatments typically have a very light CBD or THC aroma that is combined with herbal scents.

Edible Cannabis

Since edible cannabis has been introduced into the market, cannabis can be consumed in everyday foods and beverages including gummies, brownies, cakes and even your morning cup of coffee! Once consumed, the effects of edible cannabis products take place during the digestion period. As opposed to smoking cannabis or using a vaporizer, edible cannabis does not produce a smell, however, there may be a distinct cannabis scent during the baking and preparation process.

About Cannabusters

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