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Effects of cannabis smell

Posted on 28 April 2022
Effects of cannabis smell

Identified by its pungent and unique smell, often described as skunky, the smell of cannabis is extremely identifiable and hard to ignore. As a result, in areas with dense populations, cannabis smell within the surrounding environment is increasingly becoming an issue.

The tiny molecules that make up a cannabis plant are what create the aromatic component and pungent smell. These molecules are called terpenes. Cannabis plants create more than 1,000 different types of terpenes, however, only two types can be identified as pungent- pinene and limonene. The type of terpene produced by a cannabis plant depends on the type of plant and different strains of cannabis produce different terpenes. This results in different cannabis plants creating different degrees of odor. 

So, if all cannabis plants create different degrees and levels of smells why do we identify cannabis as so potent and why is its smell so distinguishable? When growing cannabis, cannabis growers select the strains of marijuana with the most potency of tetrahydrocannabinol, also known as THC, which is the strain of cannabis with the strongest potency of smell as well strongest psychotropic effects. 

The Effects of Smelling Burning Cannabis

Whenever you are inhaling THC, directly or second-hand, it is possible to experience its effects which include hallucination, an impaired ability to concentrate or operate heavy machinery, increased depression, and relaxation.

Trace THC can show up in the blood and urine of individuals within a room containing cannabis smoke. The amount that THC affects each individual depends on the ventilation of the room however, regardless of the size, getting a contact high is possible.

The Effects of Smelling Non-Burning Cannabis

The strength of the smell that a Marijuana plant gives off, increases as the plant becomes older. The scent is at its most powerful once the marijuana flower blooms. Cannabis farms' smells can be detected from a mile from their course and contain chemicals terpenoid and terpene chemicals. This might lead to official complaints from people exposed to the smell in the surrounding areas.

Cannabis plants contain sensory traits such as tobacco, tar, and ammonia which are potentially dangerous to individuals within the surrounding area.

Cannabis odor control, with a natural odor remover, is designed to control cannabis plant odors.

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