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Cannabusters: What Is #Croptober?

Posted on 16 October 2023
Cannabusters: What Is #Croptober?

At the beginning of each fall season, streets become filled with Halloween decorations and Cannabis Twitter feeds are filled with the hashtag #Croptober. But what does Croptober mean? Cannabusters is committed to improving the Cannabis industry’s image by effectively dealing with odor and providing cannabis information and insights. Here is some information about Croptober from the Cannabusters team.

Croptober Timing Relies on The Northern Hemisphere

In the Northern Hemisphere, Croptober refers to the seasonal period that occurs from September to November as that is when plants within the region are harvested. Dubbed #Croptober, the fall season within the Northern Hemisphere is when hemp and cannabis plants throughout the region begin their flowering stage as a result of shorter days and longer nights.

Croptober Brings Seasonal Change To Crops

With the start of the fall season, comes the celebratory time for Northern Hemisphere crops to begin harvesting. Although fall is a great time for cannabis plants, to make the most out of the harvesting season, cannabis growers should be conscious of the possible seasonal changes that come with the beginning of fall. Weather conditions such as rainfall and windy fall days can impact how successfully a cannabis plant is harvested.

Why Is Croptober So Popular?

The harvesting season for Cannabis plants within the Northern Hemisphere marks the most profitable time within a cannabis grower's harvesting journey. Throughout the Month of October, also known as #Croptober, cannabis growers are able to harvest and prepare their cannabis plants to be sold to retailers throughout the region. Indeed, October is the time when all of a cannabis grower's hard work literally pays off!

Protect Your Organization Against Odor Complaints During #Croptober

This harvesting season, protect your organization against cannabis smell complaints that result from #Croptober activities. Rather than masking Cannabis odors, all Odor molecules that come into contact with Cannabusters are eliminated by oxidation. To learn more about our products, and applicationscontact us today!

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