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Cannabis smell myths

Posted on 21 July 2022
Cannabis smell myths

With over 545 chemical compounds and more than 700 strains, the smell that Cannabis plants produce includes a lot of myths and misunderstandings. Cannabusters have decided to clear the air, literally, about the smell that Cannabis plants produce and debunk fictitious information about your flowering harvest. 

Cannabis Smell Myth: Growing Cannabis Will Stink Up The Neighbourhood

For eliminating the smell that your flowering plants produce and ventilating the air within the room that your indoor plants grow within, carbon filters are an extremely effective solution. Using products such as an activated charcoal filter is a great way to make sure that your maturing plants will not smell up the neighbourhood. 

Cannabis Smell Myth: The Smell of Cannabis Cannot be Ventilated 

Formatted in a tube or sphere shape, any air that comes within contact with a charcoal filter goes through a ventilation system with activated charcoal. Activated charcoal includes ions that not only attract the molecules that create odours but hold onto those molecules for a long period, which removes odour from the air once it leaves the filter. 

Cannabis Smell Myth: The Smell of Cannabis Cannot be Oxidized 

Oxidation describes a chemical reaction that occurs once a substance comes into contact with another oxidizing substance or with oxygen. Cannabusters' patented formulation is atomized into exhaust air streams. All Odor molecules that come into contact with Cannabusters are eliminated by oxidation. 

Cannabis Smell Myth: All Cannabis Smells The Same 

Herbal, plum, diesel and apple are just a few of the notes that you can smell from a dried Cannabis plant. Cannabis plants smell similar during the growing process and when they’re harvested, but as they mature, their scent matures into more of a piney smell. 

Cannabusters is committed to improving the Cannabis Industry's image by effectively dealing with odour. Wherever cannabis odour issues are, Cannabusters eliminates them. For more information on reducing Cannabis smells and eliminating odour, contact the Cannabusters team today.
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