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Cannabis Odour Control in Greenhouses

Posted on 23 August 2022
Cannabis Odour Control in Greenhouses

If you are concerned about legal issues, or simply want to minimize the exposure of scent from your greenhouse to your neighbours, the Cannabusters team has some Cannabis Odor control tips for you. 

Cleanliness is best for Odor Control

Much like eliminating odour in your house or car, for efficient odour control in your greenhouse, ensuring that the environment is clean of residue and odour-producing items is a strategic tactic. Routinely replace air filters, regularly wipe down plants of debris, deliberately clean pollen and actively monitor your water-producing systems. 

Biofilters Target Greenhouse Odors

An eco-friendly, on-site air quality control tool, Biofilters are a great way to target odours within a greenhouse. Many industries rely on Biofilters for regular air quality and to remove environmental odours, including wastewater treatment facilities and chemical manufacturing sites. Biofilters are comprised of 100% organic materials, which make them an ideal tool for safeguarding healthy air quality within your greenhouse. 

Skip Odor Absorbers

That odour-absorbing gel and smell-reducing spray seem promising and hopeful. Unfortunately, these heavily marketed odour absorbers promise you the world, but when it comes to efficiently remove odour within your greenhouse, simply mask rather than eliminate the smell by placing an alternative fragrance within the air. In addition to inefficient odour elimination, odour-absorbing products produce chemicals that pose threats to the health of your air quality placing it at risk. 

Utilize Carbon Scrubbers

Activated charcoal carbon filters are a basic vehicle to eliminate odour within your greenhouse. In addition to promoting healthy plant growth, carbon scrubbers destroy 90% of cannabis odours within immediate contact. Ensure that your carbon scrubbers are replaced bi-weekly for maximum odour control 

Focus on Air Flow

If you want to control the odour in your greenhouse, start at the source. Maintaining a maximum amount of airflow within your greenhouse ensures that odours within the air do not linger. Combine a greenhouse ventilation system with fans and enjoy the benefits of improved airflow quality within your greenhouse. 

Cannabusters is committed to improving the Cannabis Industry's image by effectively dealing with odour. Odour complaints are not professional odour elimination is. We bring patented changing odour elimination technology, proven across multiple odour markets, to the world of cannabis odour control. Cannabusters effectively crush odour by following nature's lead.

That clean air smell after it rains? We do the same thing wherever odour is present with the same result clean air and since Cannabusters is odourless it truly is clean air. Clean air means no nuisance odour, complaints go away, you are a hero and the cannabis industry is more professional. For more odour elimination tips, contact us today.
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