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Cannabis Odor Control Terminology

Posted on 27 February 2023
Cannabis Odor Control Terminology

Professionalism in the Cannabis Industry

When you hear the word Cannabis, there is a stigma that relates to a person who is unmotivated, lazy and not necessarily a professional. Due to the social stigma associated with the term Cannabis, it is imperative for all members of the Cannabis industry to present themselves and their companies as professionally as possible. 

History of The “Lazy Stoner”

The lazy stoner stereotype stems from the use of Cannabis to aid in the treatment of sleep. Due to the calming effects of Cannabis, many hear the word and associate it with unmotivated or lethargic personalities. 

Professionalism: Maintaining A Standard For the Industry

An individual who fumbles for the correct terminology when explaining their product, or misuses industry terms, does not communicate professionalism. To ensure that you and your colleagues help clear the lazy stoner stereotype for good, the Cannabusters team has a list of the most used words for referring to Cannabis odor control

Deodorizer: Similar to the deodorant that we use to smell fresh, Cannabis Deodorizers refer to products or agents that are used to conceal an unpleasant smell. 

Odor Masking Agent: Cannabis odor masking agents function in a very similar manner to perfumes, one uses perfume to add smells to them rather than remove smells. In order to remove an unpleasant smell, the chemical structure needs to be changed. Rather than change the chemical compound within an unpleasant smell and completely remove it, Cannabis Odor Masking Agents are chemical compounds that cover the smell. 

Odor Neutralizer: A Cannabis Odor Neutralizer smells exactly as you would assume it does- the scent is neutral. Unlike an Odor Masking Agent, Odor Neutralizers remove unpleasant smells by directly altering the chemical state of an unpleasant smell upon contact. 

Biofiltration System: Cannabis Biofiltration Systems are an environmentally efficient method of cannabis odor removal. A Cannabis Biofilter is composed of biologically active materials such as bark and mulch. Once odors enter Biofiltration Systems, the process of Biofiltration takes place, which occurs when the biologically active materials within the filter use the pollutants- such as VOCs within the odor as their source of food. 

Cannabusters is committed to improving the Cannabis industry’s image by effectively dealing with odor. After all, odor complaints are not professional, but odor elimination is. We bring patented changing odor elimination technology, proven across multiple odor markets, to the world of cannabis odor control. Cannabusters effectively crush odor by following nature's lead. For more information on Cannabusters, contact us today.
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