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Cannabis Cultivation Unknown Facts and Terms

Posted on 6 December 2023
Cannabis Cultivation Unknown Facts and Terms

With Cannabuster's mission and commitment to consistently improving the reputation and image of the cannabis industry, here are some unknown facts about Cannabis to add to your cultivation knowledge index. Read on to discover these fun facts from the Cannabusters team:

Pot: Unveiling the Origin

The ubiquitous term "pot" finds its roots in Potiguaya, a Mexican Spanish reference to leaves used in "drinks of grief." Contrary to its rebellious connotations, "pot" has a cultural and historical significance.

Marijuana's Mexican Roots

The etymology of "marijuana" traces back to the Mexican Spanish word "marihuana," translating to "prisoner." Explore the linguistic journey of this term and its unexpected connection to the concept of being a prisoner.

Weed: The Evolution from Locoweed

While contemporary enthusiasts lovingly tend to their cannabis plants as "weed," during the 20th century, these plants were known as "locoweed." Originating from Mexico, Locoweed was initially recognized for its peculiar effects on animals.

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